The Kahlúa Poem

photo of a Kahlua label

Reprinted from the Kahlúa Recipe Book:

Look what Kahlúa can do
this endless delight can treat you to
tastes so delicious, whatever your wishes
Kahlúa can easily do!

Look what Kahlúa can make
from cocktails through dinner to cake.
Enchanting, entrancing, uniquely enhancing
Only Kahlúa can do!

Look what Kahlúa can be,
it's a holiday feast or iced tea!
Whatever your pleasure, it starts with this treasure
of versatility!

It used to be that you could get a free copy of the Kahlúa Recipe Book by writing to Kahlúa, Dept. RB, P.O. Box 230, Los Angeles, CA 90078-0230, but I dunno if that address still works.

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