I dreamed that I went into my bedroom (not like my room in real life, but bigger, darker, with hardwood floors) and this huge insect was flying all over the place. It was gigantic, a prehistoric monster, bigger than a dragonfly. So, it landed on this pile of stuff, and I started hearing this munch, munch, munch sound. "Crap," I thought, "It's going to eat all my stuff." The beast must die. So I grabbed a shoe and sneaked up and whacked it really hard. It landed on the floor across the room and lay there, stunned. When I went to finish it off, I had a look, and the bug, although alive, looked just like a small, plastic, Playmobil toy shark. Blue. Wearing a goofy grin. Blank, painted-on eyes. Very weird. Ker-squish.

RedFeather, by

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