I am in a circular room with an aquarium tank in the center. The tank is cylindrical and is set into the floor; it's not that big in diameter, but it goes down for floors and floors. In the tank is a single whale, probably a humpback, and I am teaching it how to do various tricks with a black golf ball. There are a bunch of young women in the room, all around 19-21, sorority-girl types, who are my assistants. They don't know that much about whales, though. I'm aware that this is the first whale (or dolphin, for that matter), that has ever been taught to do tricks. On some level, I'm aware that this means my dream is set in the past.

I'm worried that the whale will accidentally swallow the golf ball, but we don't have any bigger balls. Then I realize my cat, Pogo, is in the room, and I'm very afraid that he'll fall in the tank by accident. I'm not sure if the whale would rescue him.

RedFeather, by

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