I am at the gym, doing my weight workout. I've already done legs and chest, and it's time for the back. I go to do the lat pulldown, when I decide what the heck, maybe I'll do chin-ups.

I actually can NO do chin-ups AT ALL, but I figure I can struggle to hold myself up and hang there and then do lat pulldown to improve faster, so that someday MAYBE I will actually be able to do one or two.

To my surprise, I crank out a set of 12 chin ups easily. I KNOW this is not possible, since I can only do 100 on the lat pulldown and I weigh a sight more than 100lbs.

I stare at myself in disbelief! Amazing!

Than it hits me. I could do chin ups because somehow, when I walked into the "Free weight room" (where I do back exercises at the gym) I somehow turned into a man. A huge, studly man, with a big upper body.

I am very excited. I immediately run to the chest room to see what this body can do. (Yes my gym has an entire room devoted soley to the development of the chest). I have to hurry because somehow, I know this is temporary and I want to try it out before it goes away. Upon entering the chest room, I don't get my usual rush of being the only female, but instead I get a rush because I know I can lift those giant plates. As a woman, I use an olympic barbell with 10 lb weights on each side. As a man, I will try the 45 lb weights on each side. And I can do it! I am psyched.

However, I decide that perhaps I should take this body for a spin in other venues.

Cut to home: I walk up the stairs to our apartment, and as I come in the door, I shout "Bu!" like I alsways do when I come home. My voice is the way is usually is. My girlfriend shouts back. She has her back to me and is on the computer.

I say "Look at this!" and she turns around. "I'm a man" I say. "It happened at the gym. But it's only temporary." "Wow, cool" she says. I say "How about we try it out before I change back?" She screws up her face and looks sort of uncomfortable. "Uhhhmmmmmmmmmm, I don't know. Now?" For some reason, this rejection doesn't upset me one bit. I figure there are plenty of other things to do with my temporary body.

Unfortunately, I woke up before I could see that.

RedFeather, by

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