this dream occurred in comic book format. a nice, full-color graphic novel with glossy pages. there was movement in the dream, but it felt like the movement that happens when one is reading and gets caught up in imagining the story.

it takes place at a boy's prep school. there's the main character, who may or may not have been named milo (the characters were some weird combination of bloom county characters and the kids i taught a couple of years ago), but we'll call him milo for ease of narrative.

there was a bully, whose name i don't remember, who pretty much trod over the school. milo, having a strong personality and force of charisma, was good at sticking up to this bully, defending himself and his friends. it was through the efforts of milo that the school was relatively safe.

they were all at football practice. the coach told milo to run into the bully—like the bully were a tackling dummy.

milo felt this was a bad idea, because the bully was so much bigger than him, and when the bully saw that milo was completely physically ineffective against him, then milo's ability to keep the bully in check would be destroyed. milo pleaded with the coach, but the coach would not be swayed. so milo lowered his head and started running toward the bully, but at the last minute he veered off and ran off the field. he removed his helmet.

he ran to the woods to the side fo the field and then ran off a cliff and fell.

the comic now became a bit surreal, or symbolic. milo began having an out of body experience, where his consciousness was represented as a translucent crow flying about the grounds of the school. watching people who had nothing to do with him, no awareness of him, and then finding people who missed him and went looking for him.

we see at this point that his actual body, lying still on the ground, is also the body of a crow; he has metamorphosed somehow.

his friends who are searchig for him (shadowed by the shadow milo in crow form) see the crow on the ground and almost don't recognize it, but then one of them recognizes milo in the crow.

a close-up panel shows the crow black against the deep green of the grass, feebly lifting a wing. he has survived the fall, although he is severely hurt.

there are a few more pages where milo's friends seek out help and try to explain what happened, but this part of the plot does not really get started before i wake up.

RedFeather, by

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