yesterday i had this peculiar noisy story spinning through my poor schizo head that i had been a spy as a a child, but didn't really know what i was doing, then later when i was a somewhat older child i had fucked president Nixon (i was very tall when i was very young). becuase of this there were people following me around, but i thought the whole thing was a delusion so i tried to ignore it. my friend Erin asked me why these guys i didn't believe were really there were following me around and i didn't seem to know they existed, and i blurted out "because i fucked the president when i was a child." she wanted to tell everyone, she said we could be famous like her dad. i didn't want to, i said we'd just get killed. she said she would say it was her, she wasn't scared, so i said "then they'll kill you and make it look like i did it". Then this psychopath popped into the room form out of no-where, with this weird gulping laughter, and said "That's a GREAT idea" and then somehow i forgot the whole thing happened. sometime later, i woke up fuzz-headed in the boarding shcool with a huge lump on my head, and a housemother who later disappeared told me i had been actually gone for two weeks but nobody was acknowledging this and she was worried about what had happened to me, since i had been all messed up when they brought me into the school.

RedFeather, by

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